The Crumb Catcher King of Camden

The votes are all in and we can finally announce who, of all the citizens of Camden’s past, has the most masculine mo, the most song-worthy ‘stach, the most luscious lipholstry. The two runners up are:

In third place we have Captain John Martin Hawkey



A man in uniform with a neat full ‘stache.

In second place is Charles Dawson


Particularly appealing to residents are the dapper qualities of this candidate, from the neat mo to classic black suit and white shirt combo.

And finally the winner, the man who now will forever be remembered, at least in the blogosphere, as the Crumb Catcher King of Camden is Sergeant Frank H. Paul.


Another man in uniform and one of the many Camden citizens who would not return from the Great War, Paul features a fine, full, fabulous mo’. That paired with his sacrifice makes him the perfect and obvious choice.

Congratulations to all our candidates. They have all contributed to the vibrancy that is Camden’s story, and we will continue to bring the stories of them and other Camden citizens in the future.

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