Memories of Your Suburb: Gregory Hills

Before white settlement this was the land of the Tharawal and Gundungurra peoples. Located between Camden Valley Way and St Gregory’s College, the new suburb of Gregory Hills is part of the South West Growth Area. It is built on land which was formerly St Gregory’s College farm. This land was given to the Marist Brothers by Thomas Donovan in the 1920s for the development of a boys school to teach young men the skills to have careers on the land.

Gregory Hills.

Gregory Hills.

Gregory Hills includes more than 280 hectares of rolling hills and undulating land with views across the district and beyond to the Blue Mountains. Nearly 300 families have bought blocks in the suburb in the last year and 2,400 homes are planned. Gregory Hills will feature its own primary school, shopping centre and an extensive network of parks linked by bike paths and walkways. Gregory Hills Drive will join Badgally Rd giving access to Campbelltown railway station.

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  1. Hi Roma, This is Rene from the museum, as promised I am forwarding on the post about “your suburb” Hope you find this link useful. Rene

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