Robert Lowe

Memories of Your Suburb: Bringelly

The township of Bringelly was established on land granted in 1818 to William Hutchinson, originally a convict, who later became one of the directors of the Bank of NSW. The area had been earlier settled by Robert Lowe, who built a house called Birling in 1812 on his land grant of 1000 acres. Many other settlers were given land grants in this area throughout the early 19th century, among them D’arcy Wentworth, John Piper and Ellis Bent. A notorious visitor to the Bringelly locale was the bushranger Jack Donohoe, who is believed to have established a number of hide-outs in the surrounds.

The township was first formally named in 1863. The establishment of a school occurred in 1870’s and was rebuilt before the present school building was erected in 1897.
(Information provided by Camden Historical Society, Camden Council Library Service and Camden Council Community Profile)

Original school building. 2007. Copyright: Camden Historical Society.

Original school building. 2007. Copyright: Camden Historical Society.

Bringelly is situated in an area of open grasslands set within areas of larger bushland, which is a remnant of the once flourishing Cumberland Plain Woodland. It at present contains a mix of agricultural and rural residential land use. Market gardens, dairy farms and other agricultural industries which have acted as a greenbelt and provided Sydney with produce, will soon give way to large housing estates, as part of the NSW State Government’s Metropolitan Strategy.