Camden Mos: All nominees

With all nominees now in and the calendar ticking over to the end of Movember, our celebration of the great moustaches of Camden is quickly drawing to a close. Before month’s end we thought we’d give you a last glance at all the candidates before casting your final vote. Click on the candidates name to view their full profile.

The nominees for Crumb Catcher King of Camden are:
























Voting closes midnight 30 November. Either ‘like’ the candidate on Facebook, ‘favourite’ it on Twitter or comment directly to the blog to vote for your favourite Camden nose neighbour.



Camden Mos: Frank H. Paul

Frank H. Paul

Frank H. Paul

Frank H. Paul was a sergeant during World War One. He, like so many of Camden’s Anzacs, did not return home. He was killed in action at Gallipoli on 23/5/1915. As with all fallen Camden Anzacs, he is commemorated on Camden Remembers.

Here he is sporting a particularly strong ‘au natural’ moustache, groomed with a upper curve. Full, defined, and symmetrical. A solid first contender.